Significant attention and resources have been focused on developing the Dearborn Ranch’s cattle handling facilities, which include three sets of working corrals, three calving barns, shipping pens, storage sheds, and three scales, including one each at Rock Creek, Sevenmile Road, and Flat Creek.

With respect to livestock, the Dearborn Ranch has retained the top 10% of the industry elite Montana Black Angus cattle. Flourishing in 1,680 irrigated acres of winter wheat, alfalfa and alfalfa-grass mix, the Dearborn Ranch has the carrying capacity to support approximately 2,500 animal units; however, in keeping with present management’s emphasis on preserving high-quality wildlife habitat, the ranch currently supports approximately 1,000 mother cows and 400 replacement heifers with the requisite number of bulls and horses.

The Dearborn Ranch is home to a premier equestrian center located near the Lodge at Dearborn Crossing and at the headquarters in the Coulee. State-of-the-art equestrian facilities include a 46,000-square-foot indoor arena equipped for rodeo competition events, two outdoor arenas and an eight-stall horse barn with a balcony to watch events.

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