The Dearborn Ranch lies at an elevation between 3,600 and 5,200 feet above sea level in the rolling grasslands towards the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountain front. The ranch enjoys a combination of ideal climate and geography found in few locations in Montana. Thanks to its topography and weather patterns, the Dearborn Ranch receives a relatively consistent average of 14 inches of precipitation per year, creating an extraordinary landscape marked by rolling hills forested with Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine, lush pastures of native grasses, rugged rock outcroppings, hidden canyons, and 28 miles of prime trout streams and rivers.

Dearborn Ranch is vast by any measure, spanning 23 miles north to south and nine miles east to west. Rising at its center, the rocky knob of Mount Colburn stands 5,189 feet above sea level. Curving like a spine through the southwestern corner of the ranch, The Reef provides a craggy remnant of an ancient undersea ridge. A broad gentle valley called The Coulee claims the middle. The Dearborn River twists and turns through a quiet canyon while a lush riparian corridor rich with wildlife along Flat Creek in the northeast quadrant offers vital protection for livestock and wildlife during the winter months.

Acreage Chart
Deeded Acres: 65,700 +/-
State Leased Acres: 5,314 +/-
Total: 71,014 +/-

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